restarting the 30 day shred

because i gave up after two days last time due to revision for exams taking over my life :(
day 1, complete


im crap at sticking to things.
didnt do The Shred today either, went for a run instead, in the absolutely boiling weather, summer is finally coming, i sweated my arse off on a relatively short run!

but i ate like a pig today, so grrrr, bad day all together.


didnt do the 30 day shred today, but did however have a quick 3.1 mile run in 29 minutes (9.20 minute mile) before breakfast instead, then walked to and form uni (3miles total).

Also ate relatively well, half a big bowl of cereal for breakfast, with the other half for lunch, and a banana as a snack. For dinner i had bean burger, boiled carrots, and cucumber, with a few potato wedges :)

Ill just do day #3 of the shred tomorrow :)

second day of thirty day shred

easier today, i didn’t have to stop it half way to catch my breath.
I’m going to make a wall chart with the ‘days left’ of each level on it so i can cross them off, see my accomplishments :)

Though last night i drank alcohol and had the hangover munchies today and ate ALOT, so i need to work on eating better as well as the workout.

Going to have a 4 mile run before i eat breakfast tomorrow, then a bowl of Special K cereal with yoghurt and oranges on top, then walk the 1.5 miles into uni to start my revision for the exam on the 30th, and have a ‘Student Mentor’ session to learn about how i’m going to be a mentoree next year. Then walk home again, and do day #3 of the shred.

ive decided i’m just going to call it ‘the shred’ form now on, so much easier! :)

day #1 of 30 day shred COMPLETE

i had to stop half way, bad times!
because its a youtube video, its so easy for me just to pause it, have a 5 minute break, and then restart where i left off, unlike when i go to the boot camp class that i’ve done a few times, where the leader is all like ‘GO ON, YOU CAN KEEP GOING, DON’T GIVE UP!’ if you even think about pausing to wipe sweat away!

But i did it.
Tomorrow i’ll do it all the way through without stopping (or at least try).
Its funny how i can do things when there’s someone forcing me (i.e the boot camp leader) or run 4miles without stopping, but as soon as it comes to press ups, crunches, and weights, oh gosh im a weakling.